Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Divorce

For many years I have been completely devoted to Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It kept my eyeshadow looking flawless from morning to night no matter how hot and sweaty I got in the dead heat of summer. Until now that is.

I know many people complain about this product separating but I never had an issue with it. Sometimes I would get a tiny bit of separation, like maybe 0.005 ml of liquid before the product came out, not enough to be a concern or effect performance.

Well, now Too Faced Shadow Insurance has completely separated and I am filing for divorce. It has let me down completely and left me with creased, faded and smudged makeup for the last time. This last tube is so separated it has become useless, no amount of kneading seems to work so I'm done.

I have replaced it with Lorac Behind the Scenes. At .53 oz for $21 compared to Too Faced with .35 oz for $20 it's a better buy (note, the Sephora website lists the Lorac primer as .47 oz, my tube which I just purchased from Sephora.com a few weeks ago is .53 oz).

So far, everything is going just fine with Lorac Behind the Scenes. My eyeshadow applies so much easier, no creasing, no separation, no problems. Even MAC Deep Truth (the only MAC eyeshadow I still have around) that frustrates me with its patchy application and tendency to fade a mere 2 hours after being applied, lasts all day with this primer. It applies almost like it's butter at room temperature which is remarkable for a shadow that has the hard yet crumbly texture of cheap chalk.

A formal review is coming when I get around to taking pictures.

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  1. I have been an Urban Decay Primer Potion devotee forever. When they changed the packaging, however, it stopped working as well for me so I tried TFSI. It separates horribly and thus does not work on me at all. The way I have got my UDPP to work well again is to squeeze it out of the tube into a little jar and eventually it dries out a little bit and it works again. When a primer doesn't work, it drives me NUTS! There is nothing worse than walking around looking sketchy with creased up eyeshadow!