Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BB Cream Swatches

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Holika Holika Peach Girl is the darkest and most grey looking, however when applied to the face it actually really brightens skin. It has a natural looking finish, but definitely needs to be set with powder. This one doesn't last quite as long as the others and doesn't control oil as well either.

Skin Food Red Bean is a favorite of mine, the color is slightly pink and it dries to a perfect natural finish. It is one of the best BB creams I have tried for covering pores.

Skin Food Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea is rhe same color as Red Bean but dries to a totally matte finish. It doesn't quite last as long as Red Bean but is better for my oily T-zone.

Missha M Perfect Cover in 21 is a good match for my arm but too dark for my face and has pink undertones. It's almost as dark as Peach Girl when swatched heavily. 13 on the other hand is very yellow and the palest BB cream I have. It does warm up a bit after it sets but tends to make me look sallow if I wear it alone. These ones give me the best oil control and have the best lasting power.

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