Friday, April 12, 2013

The Difference Between Western and Asian BB Creams

I have blogged a wee bit about the difference between Korean and American BB creams and how they are really very different products, but I haven't myself reviewed any American offerings or done any one on one comparisons. The reason for that is I know that I won't enjoy the American offerings and can't bring myself to purchase one just to write a negative review. I know that many enjoy them but they just don't have anything to offer me.

I'm going to provide some links to better explain how these products differ...

This video from Youtube user PBunnieP does a very good job explaining the general differences and gives some BB cream history. Her video is very fair about explaining the pros and cons of a number of Korean and American BBs. It's a very good place to start learning if you are new to BB creams and aren't sure what you might want to purchase. If you can't or don't want to watch a video she also has a blog post which is linked below. However, I really recommend watching the whole thing.

Youtube user GirlylifestyleTV does a nice one on one comparison of the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB and Missha M Perfect Cover BB.

Youtube user emilynoel83 compares 4 different US drugstore BB creams in her video.

Youtube user Miss17Februrary gives a short background on BB creams and compares a few Asian BB creams in her video.

It's not that easy to compare all these different products simply as "East vs West", especially when Asian BB creams have such a wide variety of options. Hopefully these videos did a decent job of explaining some differences.

American BB Creams
  • Generally have sheer coverage
  • Generally have low SPF
  • May have a wider shade selection than Asian BBs
  • Typically do not provide whitening (not bleaching, to help fade discoloration)
  • Don't have the "grey cast" that Asian BBs do
  • Typically have a more watery/ liquid like texture

Asian BB Creams
  • May have a "grey cast" due to high SPF
  • Typically have SPF 20 or higher 
  • May have sheer coverage but some products have medium or full coverage
  • Typically are designed to be "time savers" and "multitaskers" to take the place of primer, sunblock, moisturizer, concealer and foundation
  • Usually are quite thick and apply more like a skin cream than a liquid foundation
  • Many have whitening ingredients to fade discoloration (whitening is very popular in Asian beauty products)
  • Typically are very skin care focused
  • Usually have only one or two shades to choose from

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