The Disclaimer (as of 3/17/2013)

I believe in "integrity first", my blog posts are what I believe to be the truth. I do my best to find as much information as possible before posting.

  • All items I review and show in looks/ eye/ nail of the day are items I have purchased with my own money or are items that were given free with purchase of another item. Free with purchase/ free samples given with purchase will be labeled as such if mentioned in a post.
  • I do not accept press samples.
  • I do not accept items in exchange for reviews.
  • I do not do paid reviews.
  • All opinions expressed are my own and reflect my own experience with the product. 
  • I do not review all items I purchase.

All my reviews are on products that I have purchased with my own money. While I love free stuff as much as the next person I won't accept free items in exchange for positive reviews and promotions. All my reviews are my opinions based on my own experiences. I review things if/when I feel like it and I do not review everything I purchase. I do not do reviews on request because I want my experience to be exactly like it would be for the "average Jane" and not take the chance that I would receive special treatment because I am going to do a review.