Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I Do Winged Eyeliner/ Cat Eyes

I'm not talented enough to just take a liquid liner and do a flick. I've tried the scotch tape trick and failed. My eyes, like most are not even but they are really uneven at the outer corner where the wing goes and I've always had trouble getting them to look even.

My method is a wee bit time consuming but it works wonderfully for me.

  • angled eyeliner brush (I use one from Medusa's Makeup)
  • 2 small pointed brushes (I use the one that comes with Maybelline EyeStudio gel liner and the Medusa's Makeup smudge brush)
  • eye shadow
  • gel liner (optional)
  • liner seal (I use the one from Medusa's Makeup) (optional)
  • glitter liner (optional)
  • Q-tips/ Cotton buds

I do the rest of my face and brows first, then apply primer to my lids. I use Too Face Shadow Insurance.

Step 1:
Grab the angled brush and your eye shadow of choice. I start by going along my lid with a fairly thin line. I do both eyes making sure that each line is the same thickness and nice and even with a slight taper, getting thicker towards the outer corner. If I want to do something bolder and more dramatic I slowly build up the thickness so I can ensure each eye is even.

MAC Deep Truth is used

Step 2:
Still using dry eye shadow and the same brush I start working on the wing. I go from the outer corner and angle it towards the end of my brows. I tweak it until both are even.

This is where the Q-tips come in. I rarely get it right the first try so I moisten a Q-tip and wipe off the wing and try again. Eye shadow is easier and less messy to remove than liquid or gel liner. This is the secret to my method!

Step 3:
After everything is evened up and just how I want it I go over the eye shadow with gel liner to sharpen the lines and darken the color. If I don't have a gel liner in the right shade I use liner seal and the same eye shadow to make a liquid liner. I use the smudge brush from Medusa's Makeup rather than a liner brush, I find the small triangle shaped brush easier than the thin point but that's just personal preference.

Maybelline EyeStudio Sapphire is used

Steps 4 and 5 (optional):
For added drama sometimes I go over the gel liner with a sparkly shadow, I mix it with liner seal and use the Medusa's Makeup smudge brush. For even more punch I'll go over it yet again with a glitter liner.

mixing Royal Sugar and Medusa's Makeup Eyeliner Seal

Royal Sugar applied over gel liner

Sugarpill Royal Sugar used

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in Spandex used

Some finished looks:


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  1. I really like the look of Spandex, that is an awesome colour!