Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Neutrogena Shine Control Powder Mini Review

This powder claims to instantly reduce shine, last all day, and layer invisibly over makeup with a matte finish.

The compact is sleek and black with a matte finish and comes with a thin foam pad applicator. It's very sturdy and snaps closed securely with out being difficult to open. The mirror is nice and big and will stay in whatever position you angle it in. Aside from the crappy applicator it's nice packaging. Unfortunately the thin piece of junk it comes with is all that will actually fit in the compact. If you want a puff or a brush you'll have to store it separately.

Does it instantly reduce shine? Yup, sure does but unfortunately my skin instantly looks dry and flakey when I put this on. My skin looks really terrible and this alone makes me regret this purchase. My skin isn't dry, it's greasy and well exfoliated. It was quite a shock when I put this on.

Does it last all day? Not even close! In less than an hour my skin is oily and gross because this seems to slide off and clump up.

Does it invisibly layer over makeup? Nope, this gives a ghastly pallor suitable for goth clubs and Halloween shenanigans. While I do dabble in this look quite frequently it's not what I go for while working. It's pretty rare for powders to make me look paler.

Does it have a matte finish? Yes, but again it's more of a "dry lake bed" kind of finish. Not the look I want.

Unfortunately this product doesn't work for me at all. It's uncomfortable to wear and doesn't flatter. I see a lot of rave reviews for this but I don't recommend it in the least.

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