Saturday, February 2, 2013

Revlon Liquid Quick Dry Review

I've had this product for years but never got around to formally reviewing it. Well, here goes...

This product claims to instantly dry wet nail polish. Does it actually do that? Not really. There's no product on the market that will instantly dry wet polish and I wish this product didn't try to claim that. It is actually a nice product as far as dry drops go.

With most of my polishes Revlon LQD speeds up drying time (from wet to completely dry) by several minutes. I find it works best when applied to polish that has set and isn't totally wet. If applied to wet polish it may smudge or create thin spots.

The applicator is a standard nail polish brush which I find to work better than a dropper. It's less messy and allows me to keep it on my nail and off the rest of my finger.

It has a light scent which is slightly lemony and fades once the product dries.

I typically only drag Revlon LQD out when I have a polish that just won't dry or I'm in a hurry so it's not something I always reach for. It's definitely nice to have around for those times though.

It typically retails for around $5 and lasts forever so I'd say it's a good value despite the obviously outlandish claims on the back of the bottle.

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