Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray Review

Urban Decay De-Slick is a setting spray for oil control that promises 16 hours of shine free face! Did it live up to its claims?

16 hours? More like 4-8 (depending on weather) on me at least. Maybe for someone with skin that was only a teeny bit shiny 16 hours would be possible but to me this feels like quite the exaggeration. For comparison I typically get about 2-4 hours before my forehead gets shiny no matter what products I use, and with out any product it's about 20 minutes before the crude gets flowing.

The instructions for the product say to shake well then spray your naked face, continue with your usual routine then spray your face again and go on your merry way. When I spray my naked face with this product it feels a little bit dry and tight, I typically put some lotion on my eyes afterward to make up for this. On bare skin this product works really well to instantly remove shine and excess oil. After I do my face (BB cream, fill in brows, eyeshadow, etc) and spray it again I don't feel any tightening or drying effects.

De-Slick has a slight scent to it, hard to describe what it smells like as the scent fades very quickly. This spray dries really fast and doesn't leave any residue at all, once it's dry it's like you're wearing nothing at all.

One thing I was a little disappointed about is how it doesn't do much to remove shine when re-applied throughout the day.  My intent with purchasing De-Slick was to replace my mattifying powders that leave me looking powdery and cakey at times. It will help a little but won't bring you a matte face like powders will or like the original application.

Bottom Line:
De-Slick does a pretty good job of preventing shine but won't do much to remove it once it shows up inevitably. For the cost (around $30 USD for 4 oz) it's not that much of a bargain. I typically need about 4 sprays for my entire face for each round making 8 sprays total for one application. When it comes to prolonging wear of makeup I can't really say how well it works because I don't have a problem with my BB creams wearing off. I should probably test this on a standard drugstore foundation like Revlon ColorStay but I can't bring myself to buy something I'll never use when I'm thisclose to paying off a loan.

Over all I'm not sure I'll repurchase this product.

A Small Disclaimer:
I tested this product in Autumn and my face isn't nearly the oil slick it typically is in Spring and Summer. I would say this time of year my face is only moderately oily.

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