Friday, November 9, 2012

NOTD- Fuggen Gorgeous

Man Glaze X Petites
Matte X Glitter

Man Glaze Fuggen Ugly is probably the most ironically named polish in my collection. This polish is a matte grey that's bursting with a rainbow of shimmer. It's truly beautiful and one of my favorites. Man Glaze polishes also resist wear and chipping extremely well which is nearly unheard of with matte polishes.

Petites Busted is a light purple glitter that gives hints of pink and gold in different light. The glitter is very fine and it's in a very sheer purple base. So sheer that it might as well be clear because you won't see it until after 3+ coats.

That's Love My Nails Crystal again on the index finger.

The following pictures are taken with flash, it's hard to tell that Fuggen Ugly is actually a matte because it lights up like a Christmas tree.

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