Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quest For BIG Hair- Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Review

My hair is thin, fine, limp, dry, frizzy and relatively lifeless in its natural state. As a result it has spent most of its life in a pony tail or bun (due to military service), but I am bored with all that. In my quest for big hair I have tried a lot of "volumizing" products and most just don't do anything for me. Volumizing shampoos and conditioner are too drying and make my hair feel like straw.

Using deep conditioner and coconut oil I have conquered the dryness and frizz for the most part. Now I need to turn my hair from limp and blah to at least normal hair volume. Today, this is where Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Volumizing Powder comes in.

It comes in a small white bottle that feels empty. It's not, it's just full of very light powder. This is not a spray, it's a shaker which could be messy for some people. I do not have a problem with it. The powder is white and does leave a white cast on my dark hair, but luckily you can't see it at my roots with my hair styled.

Is it a "back comb in a bottle"? Sort of. It does give me what I consider to be normal hair volume but not the kind of volume I get through teasing my hair. This is probably because my hair is fine and thin.

The powder is "grabby" feeling and really, really sticks to the hair. It lasts all day and can be a pain to wash out.

Overall, I like this product enough to repurchase because when I combine it with teasing my hair gets BIIIIIIIG. And it stays that way with out having to use drying hairspray.

+ long lasting
+ improves volume
+ gives great hold, allows me to skip hairspray
+ easy to use

- gives a white cast to my dark hair
- hard to wash out
- kind of feels gross if you try to run your fingers through your hair
- the price at $5-6 dollars feels just a bit expensive for how little product you get (.21 ounce)

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