Sunday, June 17, 2012

BB Cream VS Tinted Moisturizer

There is a big misconception in the beauty world that BB creams are just over-hyped tinted moisturizers. This may be true for Western BBs like Garnier's and Maybelline's but it's not true for the majority of Asian BBs.

I'm really not sure why Western BB creams are so sheer and so poorly representative of BB creams as a whole. Garnier's especially is an epic fail of a BB cream and really shouldn't be called one. It's a tinted moisturizer through and through and it seems like BB cream was tacked on just because it's a big buzz word at the moment.

BB creams are designed to be multi-purpose products that leave the skin with a flawless finish and are supposed to help improve the condition of skin over time. In general BB creams are supposed to take the place of moisturizer, primer, foundation and for most creams sunscreen as well. Many also provide other benefits such as lightening, brightening, blemish control and anti-aging.

Tinted moisturizers, on the other hand, are just that. Moisturizer with a hint of color. BB creams from Asian companies tend to have much more coverage, I have tried a few such as Skin Food Red Bean, Skin Food Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea, Skin79 Hot Pink and Skin79 Dream Girls. All of them have been medium to full coverage, not at all like what you would get from a TM. TMs are sheer and designed to give just a hint of color to even out skin tone. While there are some sheerer BBs, most aim to cover up flaws are reduce the need for concealer.

I used the two previously mentioned Skin Food BB creams on a near daily basis. When I use them I do not apply any moisturizer, primer, sunscreen or concealer (except on my eyelids). Red Bean is a moisturizing cream which DOES moisturize much how a TM would but it provides quite heavy coverage that makes my rosacea all but completely disappear. GAPGT is for oil control and is applied to my T-zone, an area where a tinted moisturizer certainly could not be applied. It has a matte finish and helps control shine for a few hours. I has reduced my use of blotting papers a bit. The use of these products has seemed to improve my skin just a bit, it's less dry and I have just slightly less obnoxious monthly break outs. But most of all when I wear them my face looks amazing, pores vanish and imperfections are covered up and my skin looks like skin, not a mask.

I have used tinted moisturizers in the past and they are just not for me, unfortunately I was not blessed with nice skin and need full coverage foundations.

Any way, if you have tried Western BBs and were left feeling disappointed don't write off BB creams as a whole! Get one from a Korean company and experience what these products are really supposed to be.


  1. Where do you order the Korean ones from? I wouldn't mind trying an asian one because I agree, the Garnier one is a piece of crap.

    1. ebay, but you have to be careful of fakes. I check the feedback like crazy. Asian Secrets Beauty Store and RubyRuby are two I have ordered from and seem legit.