Monday, June 18, 2012

Enkelini Violet Soul

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I purchased this lovely little gem from Etsy. Violet Soul is a red based purple linear hologram polish. In natural sunlight it can look rather blue due to the holographic glitter. In low light the polish looks like a shimmery red violet.

The formula of this polish is quite thick, it wasn't the easiest to get the first coat down. I don't think it liked the base coat I used (Revlon Colorstay). The first coat went on goopy and streaky and I made a bit of a mess of my right hand. The second coat was a breeze, went on like warm butter and dried smooth as glass.

The dry time was actually quite fast, it's one of the fastest drying polishes I own which was a pleasant surprise.

The durability of this polish so far has been excellent. Now- I have only been wearing it for less than 2 days but it went through the ultimate test of retail planner reset. This entailed moving lots of product and taking shelving apart. By the end of the night my hands are black and my nails are usually broken and peeling. This time was different! When I woke up this morning I was SHOCKED to see my polish still looking pristine. Just a tiny little chip on the right thumb and moderate tip wear. Also worth noting that I had not applied a top coat to this polish.

The bottle the polish comes in is just a basic cylindrical bottle with out frills or flare. The brush is a bit floppy but sturdy and did not shed. It is cut evenly and works well enough for applying the polish. A sturdier brush would work better since the polish is thick but this is not unworkable. The label on the bottle is a bit "cheap", just a printed paper label affixed with scotch tape. Personally this doesn't bother me since I'm not a packaging whore ;).The bottle does have the little steel beads for better mixing.

As for the shop Enkelini shipped the product really fast. I didn't have any issues. Price was fair, $12.00 for a holographic polish that is FULL SIZE (15 ml) is a steal. Product photos are accurate. To compare, 6 ml for $10.00 and 15 ml for $17.95.

2 coats over base coat, day 2 moderate tip wear after a long night

2 coats over base coat, day 2 moderate tip wear after a long night

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