Friday, September 14, 2012

The Only Holo Polish You'll Ever Need?

If you're like me anytime you see a holographic nail polish your brain melts and pours out your ears as you reach for your wallet. Do I really need every holo polish ever? Do you? No, and here's a reason that a nail polish junkie can actually take seriously.

Hits No Olimpio Hefesto. It's a holographic top coat that will turn any nail polish into a holographic explosion of awesome. The formula on this polish is a bit thick but not unmanageable. It will leave brush marks and can be a bit uneven if you're not careful but it is seriously holographic. Even inside in crappy lighting this polish still gives off a rainbow instead of looking flat and grey.

Now, is this the ONLY holo polish you'll ever need? Maybe not but if you're drooling over 52 different polishes and can't decide which to get this may be the perfect compromise.

Here is Hefesto over a few different polishes:
Wet n Wild Spoiled I'm So Jaded, Zoya Kiki, Revlon Mysterious, Wet n Wild Spoiled Black Mamba, Color Club Disco Dress

As always, click to enlarge. Hefesto is applied to the right side, normal polish is on the left side.

I purchased Hefesto from Ninja Polish.

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