Monday, September 3, 2012

Tape Manicure Tips

Regular ol' scotch tape (and some other types of tape) can be used to create designs with nail polish. You can do simple things like this little triangle or french tips or you can cut out more complex designs.

1. Don't stick the tape to matte polish! The tape will cling to the matte texture and tear the polish off.

2. Make sure the tape edge is pushed down completely. I find satin finish scotch tape makes it really easy to see when the edge is smooth.

3. Let the polish dry completely before removing the tape.

4. Don't fold the tape down around your fingers, it will make it harder to remove. Also not pressing the tape down on the nail except at the edge you will be painting over makes removal much easier.

5. Unless you are doing a contrast between finishes apply a good top coat over the design to make it last longer.

6. Last but not least make sure the polish is completely dry before putting tape on it.

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