Monday, July 16, 2012

NOTD- Holographic Vinyl Record

I love holographic polishes, they're super eye catching! This NOTD is not created with a single blue holographic polish. Instead I have combined Kleancolor Holo Blue and LA Girl Vinyl Record from the Disco Brites collection.

Vinyl Record is a nice turquoise that glows under black light. The color is a little more green than blue, more of a dark robin's egg. The polish is thin but opaque in 2-3 coats. It applies smooth, dries pretty quick and has pretty good chip resistance. LA Girl polishes are cheap but are good quality in my opinion. The bottles have good weight and the brushes are evenly cut and don't shed.

Kleancolor is another cheap brand, typically these polishes are sold at dollar stores. I picked up a 6 polish holo collection on Amazon for about $6 including shipping. The holo purple, unfortunately was not included and I got a super sheer red jelly instead. Cue sad face, purple is my favorite color!

Any way, this is about the blue one, simply called "holo blue". The brush on this one was wonky like an old abused broom. I had to clean off the polish and trim it up to make it useable. The other polishes all have useable (but not very good) brushes. The handles of these polishes are thin plastic and I'm afraid I'm going to crack one twisting the bottle open.

These are pastel holo glitters in a super sheer jelly base. The blue is a neutral blue, doesn't lean green or purple. The polish REALLY separates in the bottle so shake well or you will get a runny mess. And holy crap, these polishes STINK! Worse than Seche Vite! They smell super chemically and take forever and half to dry. I'm not kidding, it takes at least 45 minutes to an hour for one coat to completely dry. Normally sheer polishes dry lightening fast but not these. Don't use them if you're in a hurry.

Aside from all that I like the Kleancolor holos because they are good for layering and gradients! Without further interruption here is the NOTD featuring 2 coats of each polish plus top coat.

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