Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Das Haar

Want to know more about my "hair"?

To start with, it's all fake. The vast majority of it is made with kanekalon fiber. It's made of multiple hair pieces and is not a wig.

This is what I typically wear:
3 dread falls
2 large transitional accent dreads
4 small transitional accent dreads
2 human hair clip in fringes
2 long human hair clip in streaks
2 Manic Panic glam stips

It's heavy, but when fastened properly I don't notice the weight. To start I part my hair down the center and put them into high pigtails right on the crown of the head. Then I make them into "mushroom" or "door knob" shaped buns. Getting them on the crown is super important, if they're not the weight of the dread falls will actually rip out my hair.

Next I attach the two 45 count dread falls to the buns, they are really fucking heavy at this point and need some help to stay in! I take a really long and thin black strip of fabric and wrap it around the buns and across my head in the shape of an X then I take the two front sections of the dreads and criss-cross them, the fabric crosses over the top of this like a head band and is then tied in the back of my head.

To cover the big black bow and the rest of my natural hair in the back the 3rd dread fall is attached by little tiny jaw clips to the black fabric tie.

In the front I clip the streaks in and then the put one fringe on top of the other.

from behind

you know you're pale when the white face paint is hardly noticeable 
with out clip ins
With the exception of the two really thick dreads all pieces are from i kick shins. The only pieces that are not actually made by Sarah are the Manic Panic clip ins.


  1. Long live fake hair! I know what you mean about having hair ripped out if you don't fasten everything to your head just so......