Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush

Knocked one off my wish list!

Let me start by saying I have a love/ hate relationship with blush. I am very pale and have horrible blotchy and extremely dark rosacea on my cheeks. The wrong blush brings this out in the worst way. It can make me look like a tomato instead of just a flattering flush of color. The right blush can help conceal the splotches and even out the redness.

This is definitely the right blush. My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush is so pretty and is perfect for my skintone. It's a fairly pale rosey pink with gold shimmer. Applied sheer and blended out it would make a nice highlighter. This blush, unlike the L'oreal one I just reviewed is very pigmented. It's soft and blends really easily.

gorgeous as Morticia Addams

When I put this blush on my cheeks I don't even have to bother with shading under to bring them out. It instantly gives me Anjelica Houston cheeks.

My one complaint is that it's not perfectly blended, the first time I used it I got a streak of coral pigment across my cheek. It blended away easily enough at least. I've had this happen before with a few other indie face powders, it doesn't bother me too much but it might be a huge turn off for others.

Overall I really love this and will probably use it every day. 

I look awful at this angle, just focus on the blush!

Ok... I tried REALLY hard to get a good picture of this stuff on my face. The lighting in my apt is crap and I can't get anything useful unless I catch the sunrise and it's not cloudy. This is the best picture I could get, hopefully it does a decent job of showing the color.

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  1. I have this one, too! I agree, it's an awesome blush! MPZ is one of my favourites.