Thursday, February 2, 2012


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
I know this is a "holy grail" product for a lot of people but it brings me endless frustration!

LOVE                                                                               <3
What I love about this is how fast it dries and that it takes the other layers of polish with it. I don't just wind up with a dry top coat and still soft layers underneath, which leads to smudging. It has saved a number of paint jobs over the years.

The shine is also nice, but I have other top coats that are shinier. They don't dry as fast though.

HATE                                                                               </3
What I hate about this product is how it has also RUINED a number of paint jobs over the years! Can you say "shrinkage"? If I haven't waited just long enough for the polish to dry I'll wind up with it only covering half my nail when everything finally dries.

The smell is also pretty bad but I could perhaps over look that if it wasn't for everything else... like the peeling! Yes, sometimes for some bizarre reason the top coat just peels right off my nail leaving me with a manicure that looks like my gecko in mid shed!

The other thing I hate is the thickening, I can only get about half way through a bottle before it becomes essentially unusable. 

What is it about Seche Vite that keeps me coming back? It really does make my morning mani dry fast enough to go grocery shopping at noon.

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