Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NOTD- Jolt-Bang-Sunburst!

Salon Perfect textured polishes from the Neon Collision collection in Jolt and Bang. They both contain the same matte glitter in hot pink and neon yellow but in different concentrations. To the eye they look orange and give a cool stippled effect.

These are textured polishes, which have been all the rage lately. It's a trend I've been slow to embrace but since my nails have become an uneven mess I find myself loving their camouflage effect. 

The only other textured polish I have is Zoya London from the Pixie Dust line. It's gorgeous and shimmery. These SP polishes are much more gritty and matte. They really look like the colored sand that you'd pour into bottles and make sand art with.

 Bang has more pink glitter and less yellow glitter. In the bottle it looks like neon tangerine.

Jolt has more yellow than pink and has an almost "school bus yellow" color.

Jolt was applied 1 coat to the entire nail. A second coat of jolt was applied to the base of the nail. 2 coats of Bang were applied to the tip. I put one coat of top coat over it because they are just soooooo gritty. It took the edge off a bit but my nails still feel like sand paper.

I saw a couple other polishes in this collection, bright yellow-green and teal (two polishes with the concentrations reversed like Jolt and Bang) and a pink and blue one. You can see them here at Cool Polish. There also seems to be another reddish one that I did not see on the display, as seen here on Shades of Beauty.

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