Monday, September 16, 2013

Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in 01 Infinite Review

Hmm, I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this product. It promises up to 24 hrs of wear (which is a garbage claim that I'm sick of seeing) and says it is waterproof and wears comfortably.  

Picked this up at Walmart for about $6. There are 4 other shades available: black, bronze, green and purple.

This color, 01, is bright shiny blue that is not commonly seen from drugstore makeup brands. It's a beautiful color!

There is no way I'm going to test the longevity of this product beyond the 16 hours or so that I typically wear my makeup. My skin is prone to break outs and eye area swelling so I'm not about to sleep in it and see how it looks when I wake up. I will say this product could possibly last 24 hours on someone that doesn't have oily lids. 

The formula, once dried is pretty comfortable. It doesn't dry out the eyelid the way many waterproof formulas do. Doesn't bleed during application or smudge or flake once set.

Now, that aside, this product is GOOPY! Goopy, globby, thick, sticky, gross. It isn't the easiest thing to apply and get even. I typically smack a blob in the middle of my lid and spread it out using the brush.

goop in the neck of the bottle
nice shaped brush covered in goop
When I pull the brush out there is a little string of product that hangs off then shrinks back on to the brush. Inside the neck of the bottle a lot of product collects and gets wasted.

fresh liner straight off the brush

Freshly applied, you can see how uneven it looks. If you don't take time to apply it you'll get globs like that so you have to work slowly and patiently. Don't worry about going slow though as it has a pretty long dry time for eyeliner. That is probably due to how thick it is.

As far as being waterproof, it's pretty damned near impossible to remove with just water. The following rub test was done with out it being 100% dry.

furious back and forth rubbing for 20 seconds on the right side
Since it wasn't totally dry it budged a bit but it's still very much visible. It does hold up very well when wet- at work (in a pet store) I had a dog lick my eye (ew) while fitting a harness and it didn't look any worse for wear. It is certified dog slobber proof! My watery allergy eyes are also unable to ruin it, which is why I bought it in the first place.

I must warn you, don't make a mistake with this because it won't just clean up nice and easy with a q-tip. Even when still wet water alone will not totally clean this up. You need oil or waterproof makeup remover.

furious rubbing with almond oil for 20 seconds

Almond oil and rubbing has removed most, but not all of it. I find I always have a few bits that are still there after washing my face. It is quite annoying to have to rub so much at the eye area to remove it.


  • long wearing
  • extremely water resistant
  • beautiful color
  • inexpensive
  • goopy
  • hard to apply
  • long dry time
  • hard to remove with makeup remover
  • product sticks to neck of the bottle making a mess and wasting product

All negatives aside I think I will pick it up in black and purple just because it lasts so well.

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  1. I agree that it does last long, but I can't stand the little applicator brush (I have this as well). I find it really hard to apply.