Friday, December 14, 2012

NOTD- Otherworldly Whimsy

I got inspired by this lovely mani by Top Coat It.

Color Club Otherwordly was applied first as a gradient. To do this first did a sheer layer with a sponge since it's not a jelly polish then did a second coat at the tip. Two coats of  Revlon Whimsical (Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air dupe) finished it up.

I almost wasn't going to take any pictures of what I did today because my hands are in such bad shape. I spent a friggin hour this morning moisturizing, massaging and buffing to get them looking not so hideous. On my right hand (not pictured) I have a pretty serious break, more than half way down the nail it's tearing horizontally and threatening to take the upper 2/3 of my nail off. It's just a small tear now and I super glued it together and it seems to be holding. This happened before, on the same nail no less and worked out last time. I really have to baby it at work though, I'm afraid I'll slip up and lose my nail.

Any way, on to the pics!

FML... and now my left thumb has a second degree burn, good thing I took pics before I cooked dinner. I guess this means no NOTDs for a little while.

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