Friday, December 21, 2012

Fyrinnae Parental Advisory Old VS New

I've been meaning to compare them for ages but I am lazy...

Parental Advisory is one of my favorite Fyrinnae shadows! It's an ultra bright slightly blue based purple with pink sparks, very pretty and lovely. Unfortunately I only had a sample sized one (very small amount) and it was discontinued and gone before I realized it so I hoarded it away like a precious gem. I believe this lovely left our world due to the ingredients being discontinued by the supplier.

Luckily this one has risen from the grave with a new formula. I will now compare the two. They are almost identical and Fyrinnae did a great job recreating it.

Like all Fyrinnae shadows it's very "loose" feeling and really needs an adhesive base like Pixie Epoxy. It applies best being patted on rather than rubbed to avoid losing the pretty pink sparkle.

This one actually feels a tad bit more "loose" than the original formula but seems to have less fall out. Again patting on to a sticky base is the best method of application. The pink sparkle is ever so slightly more noticeable if you really look closely.


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