Thursday, August 16, 2012

Roxy "Still Sound" Bag Review

I love my Dickies Lil Dickie bag, it's given me a good run of 6 years but now it's time for change. My old bag is still in great shape all things considered but I needed something with a bit more space. Finding a new bag was a huge chore!

Initially I just wanted to get another Lil Dickie/ Yak Pak mini messenger but they don't seem to exist any more and the more I thought about it the more I wanted something different.

My main problem is I'm really picky. First off, my bags have to be cross body bags. My shoulders are not able to support a shoulder bag, they just slide right off and wind up in the crook of my elbow irritating my tendonitis. The bag also can't be huge. I'm a small person and don't want to be dwarfed by my bag. Also big bags just encourage me to fill them up with heavy junk I don't need to be carrying around. I of course want a bag that looks cool too... but the majority of bags out there are a) boring, b) fugly or c) both. Needless to say it took me a while to find the right one.

I decided to settle on the Roxy "Still Sound" (wtf at that name lol) in black.
The bag is made of soft textured fake leather. It has two small zipper pockets on the front flap, a zipper pouch and two front pockets on the inside and a magnetic closure. This is a floppy purse, quite different from the Dickies bag I traded in but it makes it quite comfortable on my hip.

According to Zappos the measurements are 11 1/2 inches at the bottom, 11 inches at the top, 3 inches deep and 9 inches tall.

All the zippers are smooth and don't catch. The front pockets are small, perfect size for lip balm and not much else. They are barely big enough to hold a credit card due to length. The inner zip pocket on the other hand is quite roomy and fits a lot more than I thought it would. It's big enough for pens, makeup compacts, lipgloss and many other odds and ends.

The inside pockets were disappointing, however. They are too shallow and floppy to be of much use. They're not deep enough for pens and not sturdy enough to keep any objects in them. So far everything I've tried to put in there (small roll on perfume, lip balm sized solid perfume, Sharpie marker, my smart phone, sunglasses) has gone to the bottom of the bag by the time i open it next. Right now nothing is in them, they're kind of a waste.

Normally I don't like magnetic closures because I struggle with them one handed. Luckily I do not have this problem with this bad. The magnet is secure but not to the point that I need super strength to pull it apart.

The lining feels kind of cheap and I worry it will rip, but other than this and the pockets I still really like this bag.

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