Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer Review

I have some oily skin, particularly on my forehead and chin. My cheeks however are as normal as can be. My forehead becomes a completely disgusting oil slick to rival a deep fryer if I spend any time out of air conditioning in the summer and as you can imagine that looks really bad and drives me nuts.

Because of that I decided to give this rice powder based primer a try even though I don't usually wear primer with my BB creams. This primer feels drier than other primers and immediately gives skin a matte look. Out of the tube it's white and maybe a little bit gritty... other reviews have complained about this primer feeling really gritty and giving a heavy white cast to the skin, I haven't had these problems. Even with a tanned face I don't notice any sort of white cast.

SO... DOES IT WORK? Eh... I don't really think so. My face is just a little bit less oily but it's still shiny after 4 hours or so, not the 8 hours claimed by Neutrogena. This primer is supposed to control shine but I don't find that it does that. However, it does make my face feel a bit less oily which is a good thing.

One thing though, I apply this to my face before bed and wake up with out my face looking like I rubbed cooking oil on it. It's still shiny but feels considerably less greasy.

Any way, I guess the bottom line is this primer doesn't do much for shine but at least makes my face feel less gross. I probably won't repurchase because it's $12 for 1 oz

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