Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hair Update

I love playing around with different dyes. Right now I currently have a mix that is about 70% Adore Orange Blaze, 20% Sparks Orange Crush and 10% Manic Panic Electric Lava. These pictures were taken after one wash.

The Adore and Sparks dyes don't quite have the sticking power of Electric Lava, but EL is one of those dyes that stains hair and doesn't like to budge. The fade is a little patchy because the front section of my hair has been dyed a zillion more times than the back but it's not too bad.

My work place had a policy change that allows us to have visible tattoos and piercings and have any color hair we want so I am tranistioning to a more "in-your-face" bright orange. I plan on doing a bleach bath to lighten up my ends a bit more and get everything brighter.

I'm not totally sure whether it was Special Effects Fish Bowl or Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise used on the clip but I'm thinking it's most likely the Manic Panic. This poor clip in extension somehow wound up stuffed in my junk drawer and became a horrible matted mess. I was able to salvage it but so much hair fell out of it I was sure it was destined for the trash. Neutrogena Triple Moisture mask is a god send for extensions both human hair and synthetic!

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  1. I like the blue and orange combination! It's nice that your work is allowing people to express themselves a bit more!