Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tresemme Split Remedy Serum Review

Tresemme Split Remedy Serum is one of several Tresseme products that contain polyquanternium-28 and PVM/MA copolymer which make up the PEC complex.

As we learned from the PEC post (thanks to the Beauty Brains), the PEC complex is a proven winner for sealing split ends.

Despite knowing that the PEC complex works I was hesitant to try this product. I honestly do not have good luck with Tresemme products and I tried the Split Remedy Leave In Conditioning Treatment and HATED it (that product has the PEC complex too but made my hair feel disgusting).

This product was purchased by me at Walmart 

It promises to seal up to 80% of split ends... I did not have the patience to count my splits before and after use, even for the sake of science, so I can't speak about how true the "80%" is.

One negative I have found is with the bottle, it is pump action and always dispenses WAY too much product. I get a squirt bigger than a US quarter no matter how light I press- which is enough to do my whole head. The product itself is a slightly sticky and fairly runny goo. It has a definite silicone feel to it, if you don't like 'cones you won't want to use this because it's loaded with them. The 'cones are useful for giving the ends a nice smooth finish but they make my hair feel heavy and weighed down.

I have tried this product on damp hair and dry hair. It works best when applied to damp hair and hit with a blow dryer. On dry hair it seems to barely do anything.

The first time I tried it I applied to damp hair and hit it with a blow dryer. I only found 2 split ends, snipped them off then went to bed. By morning I found 8 split ends. As for how many I had before, since I did not count them I can only say it was "a lot". My hair is prone to split ends. After using it again last night on damp then blow dried hair I counted about 12 split ends. None of my split ends were wide-open Y shapes like before, I can clearly see the split pieces are closer together but not completely sealed.

PEC complex is a temporary treatment for split ends. I have noticed that this product seals my split ends for about a day or so. With each day since using it more and more splits unseal.

To keep the effects as long as possible avoid rubbing and brushing the ends of your hair.

After using this product the ends of my hair are less prone to tangling and knotting. The ends appear and feel smoother but are weighed down a bit. Split ends are less visible but this effect wears off in a day.

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