Monday, October 22, 2012

NOTD- Vacation Nails

Of course I would get sick just in time for my trip to NYC to see the Twins of Evil tour (which was awesome even though I thought the smoke machines were going to kill me)...

Any way, here are my nails after 1 week of wear:

middle finger nail, y u no grow?
The pink skulls are Sally Hansen appliques and the blue is two coats of Color Club Otherworldy with one coat of Kleancolor Holo Blue. There is some moderate tip wear and the cuticle area is looking a bit rough but I think it all held up quite well.

The SH appliques are easy to apply but never quite fit my nails right. They also don't stay on worth a damn unless I keep them well away from the cuticle area (hence the huge gap), they'll peel up with in hours if they're even touching the cuticle.


  1. Cute nails! Did you get any pictures of the show?

    1. Nothing that looks like anything more than a blob of colorful lights and smoke LOL. I was kinda far back and my cell phone doesn't do zoom or low light well.