Sunday, May 31, 2015

small update...

 No, I'm not dead LOL! Haven't had much time for blogging. I started a new full time job in January, went down to part time at my old job and started hitting the gym so I haven't had much free time.

My hair is currently Adore Neon Pink, Adore Sunrise Orange and a little Manic Panic Electric Banana. I'm really loving Neon Pink and having pink hair again. People are nicer to me when my hair is pink than when it is orange. >_> 

I have not been doing anything remotely interesting with makeup. Boring cat eye, but it's classic and looks good.
I bought these Superga 2750 leopard print sneakers last month. I love them! They're very comfy but holy foot sweat, Batman... these are full on furry (go ahead, pet them) leather and don't breathe at all.

Currently I have a bad cold. It's nearly 90 degree weather so being sick is really obnoxious. Hot tea makes my throat feel better but it's just not what you want when you're sweating. Wake me up when it's October! It's been in the high 80s since the first week of may which is really abnormal for the Northeastern US. I loathe shorts and love jackets so I always hate hot weather, I never feel like I look good. I think I'll just suffer the heat in pants all year rather than risk blinding someone with my snow white thighs!

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