Friday, July 18, 2014

Conair You Curl and Garnier Wonder Waves

Recently picked up the purple Conair You Curl curling wand. I never ever ever curl my hair because every attempt usually winds up as a big fat fail! I just can't do the right side of my head with a curling iron or a straightener so this curling wand thing was my final attempt at having curls/ waves. (I also have those bendy foam stick things to curl with out heat but they are super uncomfortable to sleep in and give me large tight curls that make my hair shoulder length.)

As you can see, I am totally able to use the You Curl! I will do a proper review of this thing after vacation, one with pictures of the product and all LOL. I can't guarantee you will see pictures of me using it since I haven't mastered taking a photo on my phone with my foot, but there will be before and afters at least.

The styling product I use to hold the curl is Garnier Wonder Waves. It holds them really well but I don't like how it makes my hair feel. My hair gets dry and kind of crunchy and I have to wash it out at the end of the day. If I sleep with it in my hair gets tangled very badly. Ugh, but NOTHING else seems to hold curls for me. Well, at least my hair looks soft.

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