Thursday, December 19, 2013

NOTD: Clown Vomit

Polish Me Silly Clowning Around over two coats of Sally Hansen White Out.

Clowning Around is an indie polish made by Polish Me Silly. It has a clear base with multiple sizes of translucent neon hex glitter. The base is thick but runny so you need to be careful not to dribble it everywhere while fishing for glitter. The biggest glitter pieces sink to the bottom and need some coaxing to come out. Hold the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then gently roll it in your palms. Those big pieces are slow to move through the base polish so you really do need to leave it upside down for a bit. Other than that it's a great polish. It dries quickly despite its thickness, has decent wear time, and doesn't need a sand blaster to remove. It actually comes off fine with regular nail polish remover so there's no need to break out the foil and 100% acetone to wrap your fingers. Wearing it with out top coat I did lose a few large glitters off my right hand at work, left hand was fine. I don't think this polish requires top coat if you apply carefully and make sure all edges are covered with the base polish.

White Out is a decent opaque white polish. It's thick and goopy but a few drops of polish thinner make it manageable. With out thinning it doesn't self level and sets with in seconds leaving you with patchy nails. The first coat is streaky but after the second it's smooth and opaque and the perfect base for neon glitter.

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