Monday, June 3, 2013

Small Update: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Just a wee update here.

I really am impressed with this BB cream! My nose is typically very red across the bridge and plagued with huge dirty looking freckles after even a smidgen of sun exposure. It has always been something that drove me crazy. I really don't like smothering my nose with thick concealer but it was really the only way to cover that persistent strong redness. Missha Perfect Cover seems to have fixed that for me now! This BB has good sun protection to prevent my giant freckles (I really wouldn't mind them if they weren't the size of a pencil eraser and I had them on my cheeks to match) and it has also eased my redness. It's virtually non existent beyond a broken capillary.

The redness on my cheeks hasn't been reduced, but rosacea is very difficult to treat and I don't expect a BB cream to do anything for it.

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