Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jordana Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner Review

This tiny liquid eyeliner is a personal favorite. I find liquid liner to be hard to use but this one isn't too bad.

I purchased this product in 04 Endless Black with my own money.

The first reason why I love this has to do with the brush.

The brush handle is easy to hold and the part of the wand that goes into the bottle is short, giving better control.

The brush itself isn't too floppy and the bristles don't split. It has a nice point and is very precise (if you are skilled enough to be precise that is).

The other reason why I love this is how long it wears. This eyeliner lasts all day with out flaking and resists water well. It is also comfortable to wear and doesn't dry my lids out.

In this dry swatch you can see that the Jordana Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner in Endless Black has a shiny vinyl finish. It does not apply patchy and doesn't need to be layered on.

Here it is wet with water and some light rubbing to simulate blinking. As you can see nothing happened. My itchy, watery allergy eyes are not able to destroy this! The wear time is excellent too, I have worn this for 16 hours and not had any fading or flaking.

Here you can see how it removes. JSPLE comes off in chunks and reminds me of those tube mascaras. To remove this product you need to be patient and use an oil based makeup remover or straight up oil. I have not had good luck using the standard waterproof makeup removers. I typically use olive or jojoba oil and massage it into the liner. You will feel it break apart as you massage and you really must keep your eyes closed to avoid getting pieces of liner stuck in them. Gently rub it until it feels like it has all come up and wipe away with a cotton pad or makeup wipe then wash your face as usual to remove any residual bits and the rest of your makeup.

The third thing I love about this product is the price! It typically retails for about $1.99. You can purchase this at Cherry Culture but you may also be able to find it at your local dollar store. There are other colors but I have only tried the black so far.

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