Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Animal Inspiration

Black Lancer Catfish

The jet black body with a thin white line makes me think of black eyeshadow with a tight white liner. The shape of the fish's body is also interesting, the dorsal fin is sharp and thin while the back has a gentile curve.

Rainbow Boa

The rainbow iridescence of this snake is gorgeous. The orange-red with navy rosettes could also be an interesting color combo on the eyes.

Red Spotted Coral Crab

This guard crab has serious style, with a white to light pink body and bright red polka dots.

South American Red Tailed Catfish

My favorite fish, I love the contrast between the charcoal grey and white belly. The red tail provides and beautiful pop of color. Perhaps a soot gray cut crease over white shadow with a thick red winged liner.

Sunburst Anthias

Saltwater fish that inhabit color reefs are renown for their beautiful and bright colors. The sunburst anthias is no different but I particularly like the slightly purple pink and sunshine yellow combination. It's colors I love to use together when the weather is nice.

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